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I wouldn't be sruprised if they release it as 3 movies. This way the Wein$tein$ can release 3 seperate poor quality DVDs and then double dip (as usual) by releasing it all in one bonus set.With that aside, I don't see this film getting made anytime soon for a few reasons:1) QT works extremely slowly. Most directors at least double, if not triple, his output of films.2) QT can't ever seem to focus on one film for an extended period time. Do you remember the period before Death Proof? He alternated between a Kill Bill sequel, a Kill Bill prequel, an anime Kill Bill film, Inglorious Bastards, the Vega Brothers, a Mandarin Kung Fu film, and Friday the 13th; all as his next film . Talk about ADD!3) The Weisteins may not be willing to give QT the big money needed for this film after the Grindhouse disaster.4) QT's script is way too big and editing it down to a more reasonable size will take time, especially when reasons 1 2 are taken into account.5) The updated remake of The Dirty Dozen is being made and will be released before IB. The storyline is pretty much the same. The audience might be rather tired of the formula by then; or the Weinsteins may push it back to make sure the films don't clash with each other in the box office.
#1 - Ririn - 10/05/2012 - 08:05